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gst and its impact on indian economy

Impact of GST on Indian Economy.GST was first proposed in the year 2000 when AtalBihari Vajpayee was the Prime minister of India. Since then the work on GST structure have been worked on by our economist and political learners. In the reign of Congress, it attempted to implement GST on its time but the then opposition party BJP rejected the ... Read More »

New one Rupee Note 2017 to be launched by RBI

GK update 2017 for banking .New one Rupee Note to be launched by RBI- features.Reserve bank of India has the sole authority and autonomy to print the currency notes and it also mints the coins under Coinage Act of India 2002. All currency notes bears the sign of the RBI governor while one rupee note bears the sign of the ... Read More »

Advantage and disadvantage of Credit Cards

Read Here Advantage and disadvantage of Credit Cards .Credit cards are provided by the banks to those customers whose credit rating is higher and satisfactory as per the slabs maintained by them. Credit card is a source of plastic money in India and you need tot carry currency and cash with you but it is easier and convenient to carry ... Read More »

Important details about NBFCs in india

Non banking financial companies Important details about NBFCs.Non banking financial companies are the Companies which are established under company act 1956. These companies deal in the financial business and lending of money and investing. It does not accept any deposit and it also acts as a financial asset and contributes to the financial inclusion. Insurance companies Taglines And Slogans Here ... Read More »

Insurance companies Taglines And Slogans

Read here Insurance companies Taglines And Slogans.Insurance Companies Details for the Examination.Insurance companies are prevalent in India even before the Independence of the country. There are two types of Insurance companies which are having their operations, these are Life based insurance companies and non life based insurance companies. All Insurance companies Taglines And Slogans There is only one life based ... Read More »

Banking Cash transaction tax (BCTT) for exam

Latest banking awareness for sbi /ibps all upcoming exams.Banking Cash Transaction Tax is one of the taxes which is being proposed to be implemented by the government very soon now. There will be a tax on all the cash transaction above certain amount of withdrawal or deposit done by the individuals. This is one of the step which is meant ... Read More »

Credit control method of RBI- GA for exams

Credit control method is the method adopted by the central bank (RBI) for controlling the amount of money in the market as an attempt to control the inflation keeping in mind the development of the country and its growth. Credit control method of RBI- GA for exams.There are two major responsibilities which RBI fulfills. These are controlling inflation and keeping ... Read More »

SBI launches “Work from home” facility for employees Soon

Banking imp update SBI launches “Work from home” facility for employees.State bank of India which is the largest public sector banking system in the country has approved “work from Home” facility for its employees and this is a move towards the more technological advancement in the banking sector. As the data of bank is very sensitive so outside use of ... Read More »

AADHAR Pay App- Important details

AADHAR Pay App- Important details to know.The government of India has launched AADHAR Pay App now only for the merchants to process the transaction in a smooth manner and to bring more digitization in the payment method and technology. The government is focusing on the digital payments and this is a step towards it. The app is primarily launched for ... Read More »

Cross selling and up selling in banks

Cross selling and up selling in banks ,read here banking awareness expected questions for upcoming NABARD ,sbi clerk ,GIC Exams soon .There are a few concepts related to the banking and financial institutions which the candidates will need to know. there are several banking examinations which are lined up like the RBI, IBPS exam and RRBs examination and questions from ... Read More »